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Bath Bomb Gift Set / Rosewater Lemonade
Rosewater Lemonade Bath Bomb Gift Box Set for a luxurious bath! This boxed set includes: 3 Bath Bom..
Bath Bombs / Ice Cream Scoops / 4 Large
Ice Cream Scoop Bath Bombs with multiple flavors of Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Almond. Smell..
Bath Gift Set / Truffles / Foaming Bath Salt / Edible Massage Balm
4 piece Bath Gift Box Set including: 2 Toasted Coconut Bath Truffles (1oz each) 1 jar of Chai Latt..
Bath Truffle Candy Bomb Gift Set / Coconut Chocolate Berry Melt
Bath Truffle Gift Box Set for a luxurious bath! This boxed set includes: 2 Salted Caramel Cocoa Tru..
Foaming Bath Salts Gift Set / Chai Latte / Mermaid Kisses / Moroccan Mango
3 piece Foaming Bath Salts Gift Set including: 1 Jar of Mermaid Kisses Foaming Bath Salts with Glit..
Healing Bath Bombs / Calendula / Patchouli / 3 Large
Healing Bath Bombs with Calendula Botanicals scented with therapeutic Essential Oils. Pop one in ..
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Shower Steamer / Sinus & Chest Congestion
Shower Steamers with soothing and decongestant Essential Oils for flu, chest and sinus congestion. P..
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