Perineal Vaginal Wash Peri Healing No Sting Postpartum New Mom

Perineal Vaginal Wash Peri Healing No Sting Postpartum New Mom
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Perineal spritz wash, PARABEN FREE for cleansing and healing your perineum area after childbirth. Speeds up healing, doesn't sting and prevents infection. Can be used as a cleansing spritz after using the bathroom or sprayed directly onto a pad and worn. *DOES NOT STING.

ALL NATURAL ingredients. No additives or fillers. 120ml bottle.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel (alcohol free), Aloe Vera, Lavender Essential Oil

Witch Hazel-Natural herbal alcohol-free soothing antiseptic with healing properties.

Aloe Vera-well respected for its application as a moisturizing agent. It contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C and carotene (a precursor of vitamin A) and has natural soothing and healing properties.

Lavender Oil-analgesic, anti-convulsive, anti-depressant, anti-phlogistic, antirheumatic, antseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericide, carminative, cholagogue, cicatrisant, cordial, cytophylactic, decongestant, deodorant, and as a diuretic. Herbalist regards Lavender as the most useful and versatile essential oil for therapeutic purposes. Lavender is the essential oil most commonly associated with burns and healing of the skin. It also has antiseptic and analgesic properties which will ease the pain of a burn and prevent infection. It also has cytophylactic properties that promote rapid healing and help reduce scarring.


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