Acne Spot Treatment / White Willowbark / Tea Tree Stick

Acne Spot Treatment / White Willowbark / Tea Tree Stick
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Acne spot treatment for quickly clearly up unwanted pimples. So effective, it can shrink your pimple in half overnight.

ALL NATURAL ingredients. No harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel Distillate, Aloe Vera Juice, White Willowbark, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Liquid Germall Plus.

10ML roller ball bottle. Note: Be sure to use on clean skin to avoid contaminating the bottle.

White Willowbark's main active ingredient, salicin, was identified and resulted in the creation of the pain killer acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) years later. It's a natural salicylic acid which is found in many commercial acne treatments. White Willow Bark Extract is used to treat acne, control sebum, as an astringent and as an exfoliant. White Willow Bark Extract is also believed to be an effective anti-bacterial agent.

Tea Tree Oil is best known as a very powerful immune stimulant. It can help to fight all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses). Tea Tree has been used to combat acne, oily skin, head lice and dandruff. 

Witch Hazel-One of nature's best astringents, there is probably no better tonic or toner for skin care preparations. It is frequently used in products like after shave lotions, where it shows mildly styptic properties as well as helping to reduce razor burn and swelling through its cool soothing sensation. In skincare, Witch Hazel can be used as toner or in place of a cleanser. It is particularly beneficial for oil and problem skin through its more gentle properties.

Aloe Vera is well respected for its application as a moisturizing agent. It contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C and carotene (a precursor of vitamin A).


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