African Black Soap with Clay & Honey Face Scrub for Acne

African Black Soap with Clay & Honey Face Scrub for Acne
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African Black Soap & Clay Face Scrub for those with moderate to severe acne. Gentle cleansing clays with ground African Black Soap and nourishing Essential Oils to clean and heal without being overly drying.

4oz jar. To Use: Mix a small amount of dry scrub with water and apply it to face.

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay, African Black Soap [Saponated Shea Butter, Sodium Cocoate (salt of fatty acids from coconut oil), Sodium Palm Kernelate (salt of the acids derived from palm kernel oil), Coconut Carbon (from shells and husks of coconut)], Seaweed Powder, Honey Powder, Peppermint Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil.

African Black Soap helps relieve acne, oily skin, blemishes, eczema, razor bumps and sensitive skin. The African Black Soap is made from Cocoa pods plus plantain peels, burnt to potash mixed with butters and oils.

Seaweed Powder is a rich source of organic proteins, minerals and vitamins including vitamins B12 (not found in land plants), vitamin E, and other nutrients. Seaweed acts as a powerful detoxifier that draws out toxins and impurities while adding beneficial nutrients. It is said to have antioxidant properties that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and can stimulate circulation. Seaweed contains fatty acids to combat skin irritation and inflammation; and may assist with skin ailments such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. 

Honey is reputed to have antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Honey is also said to have anti-aging properties. It is a humectant, having the ability to attract and retain moisture, and to increase the amount of moisture in the skin without making it oily.

Tea Tree Oil is best known as a very powerful immune stimulant. It can help to fight all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) and has been used to combat acne and oily skin.

Rhassoul Clay reduces dryness and flakiness, improves skin clarity and elasticity. It is rich in magnesium, silica, potassium and calcium.

Kaolin Clay helps to remove excess oil from the skin, keeping it from looking shiny.

Lavender Oil - antiseptic and antibacterial, yet "easy" on the skin and doesn't cause excessive dryness.

Peppermint-Menthol, the basic element in peppermint leaves, lowers the secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands, the cooling property of peppermint reduces skin inflammation and irritation and has a magical effect on oily and pimple-prone skin.




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