Face Mask Scrub Acne Sensitive Dry Skin Herbal Healing

Face Mask Scrub Acne Sensitive Dry Skin Herbal Healing
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Face mask and scrub with healing herbals. Simply add your favorite liquid, such as water, milk, yogurt or aloe vera to make a paste. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Gently scrub before rinsing. For all skin types. 

ALL NATURAL ingredients. No fragrance or parabens.  2oz jar.

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Calendula, White Willow Bark, Arnica, Comfrey, Oatstraw, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide.

Kaolin Clay is a gentle clay and helps to remove excess oil from the skin keeping the nose from looking shiny.

Arnica helps increase circulation and helps reduce both pain and swelling and speeds up healing.

Oatstraw extremely nourishing to the skin. Oatstraw can help treat skin irritations, disorders, eruptions and burns. Many regard it as an excellent tonic for the whole body, and valuable for bolstering physical and emotional fatigue, from mild insomnia to anxiety. 

Calendula-anti-inflammatory and astringent properties and can be used in infusions, extracts, and ointments to help speed the healing of burns, bruises, cuts, and the minor infections.

Comfrey skin benefits:
Provides moisturization, while healing
astringent properties  
helps reduce blemishes, dark spots & eczema

Zinc helps repair damaged tissues and heal wounds.

White Willow Bark's main active ingredient, salicin, was identified and resulted in the creation of the pain killer acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) years later. It's a natural salicylic acid which is found in many commercial acne treatments.White Willow Bark Extract is used to treat acne, control sebum, as an astringent and as an exfoliant. White Willow Bark Extract is also believed to be an effective anti-bacterial agent.


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