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Nasal Vapor Rub / Congestion / Flu / Colds / Stick
Nasal congestion rub. All-natural moisturizing and soothing natural Vick's vapor rub in a semi-solid..
Based on 4 reviews.
Pain & Muscle Rub Gel / Cooling Herbal / Birch / St Johns Wort / Ginger / Menthol
Pain, muscle and joint rub with instant cooling effect and anti-inflammatory properties from herbals..
Pedicure Gift Box Set / Foot Soak / Butter / Scrub
Pedicure gift box set for the ultimate pedicure. The foot soak softens dead skin and callouses with ..
Pomegranate Mango Acne Sunblock / Sunscreen
Sunblock for acne prone skin with oils and butters that are low on the comedogenic scale making it s..
Based on 8 reviews.
Postpartum Spray / Aromatherapy / Depression / Essential Oil
Postpartum depression aromatherapy spray to help deal with postpartum depression through aromatherap..
Scalp Hair Growth Tonic / Elixir / Treatment / Horsetail Silk
Hair and scalp elixir keeps the scalp healthy, promotes cell turnover, circulates blood flow while n..
Based on 1 reviews.
Scar Serum / Stretch Mark Repair / Calendula Rosehip / Essential Oil
Scar lotion using the best essential oils for repairing skin tissue. ALL NATURAL ingredients. No ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Shea Coconut Baby Sunblock / Sunscreen / Paraben Free
Baby sunblock. Unscented. Good for babies who need sun protection when they are too young to wear co..
Sinus Decongestant Essential Oil Blend / Aromatherapy / Cold / Flu
Essential oil aromatherapy and massage blend to help clear blocked airways and help you breathe easi..
Skin Lightening Chemical Peel / Lactic Acid / Whitening
Lactic acid chemical peel for wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. ..
Based on 3 reviews.
Skin Lightening Serum / Whitening / Lactic Acid / Vitamin C / Papain / Bromelain / Licorice Root
Skin whitening serum loaded with alpha-hydroxy acids, fruit extracts and vitamins. Beneficial for ac..
Based on 5 reviews.
Snoring Remedy / Essential Oil / Aromatherapy
Essential oil aromatherapy and massage blend to help suppress snoring. To use: Apply directly to ..
Spa Bath Gift Box Set / Tea / Salts / Essential Oil Diffuser / Aromatherapy
This 4 piece gift set includes: 2 Large Stress Relief Bath Tea Bags 15ml Stress Relief Diffus..
Stress Remedy / Essential Oil Blend / Aromatherapy
Essential oil aromatherapy and massage blend to help with stress, tension and has a calming and rela..
Stretch Mark Cream / Firming / Fading
Stretch mark cream for firming skin, regenerating cells and fading scars. Formulated with ingredient..
Based on 1 reviews.