Normal/Combination Skin

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Herbal Seaweed Cleansing Dough / Acne Face Wash
Herbal Seaweed Cleansing Dough for acne that clears up congested pores and exfoliates acne pron..
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Himalayan Seaweed Face Toner / Acne / Oily Skin
Himalayan Seaweed Face Toner with Sea minerals with anti-inflammatory, cleansing, detoxifying a..
Honey Almond Exfoliating Face Wash / Earl Grey Tea
Honey Almond Exfoliating Face Wash with Vitamin rich Honey, exfoliating Almonds and the sweet scent ..
Ice Cream Face & Body Lotion Scrub
Ice Cream Face & Body Scrub that uses Cane Sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells and turns into a l..
Kaolin Almond Face Wash / Cleansing Dough / Scrub
Kaolin Almond Cleansing Dough Face Wash. For soft and PH balanced skin, take a dime sized ..
Based on 8 reviews.
Lavender Aloe Hydrosol / Floral Water / Face / Body / Hair / Mist Refresher
Lavender Aloe Hydrosol Face & Body Mist with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and moisturizi..
Lavender Lemon Face Mask / Acne / Anti-Aging
Lavender Lemon Face Mask with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties for acne prone or aging s..
Lemongrass Sage Face Wash / Body Scrub / Exfoliating
Lemongrass Sage Face & Body Wash with Aloe Butter and Sugar to gently remove rough and..
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Mango Cardamom Cleansing Balm / Face Wash
Mango Cardamom Cleansing Balm for most skin types. The Coffee and Cardamom help circulate ..
Mermaid Face & Body Lotion Scrub
Mermaid Face & Body scrub that uses Sea Salt to exfoliate dead skin cells and turns into a lotio..
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Milk & Chamomile Face Mask / Dry / Sensitive Skin
Milk & Chamomile Face Mask for dry or sensitive skin with calming Chamomile and Milk + soothing,..
Milk & Cucumber Face Mask /  Sensitive Skin / Acne / Anti-Aging
Milk & Chamomile Face Mask with AHA's and antioxidants from Guava fruit to slough off dead skin ..
Orange Peel Moisturizer / Acne Cream / Anti-Aging Lotion
Orange Peel Acne Lotion with antioxidant benefits of Orange Extract and healing and soothing benefit..
Peppermint Rice Face Wash / Acne Cleansing Grains / Oily Skin / Exfoliating
Peppermint Rice Face Wash Cleansing Grains with anti-acne, oil absorbing properties, which allows yo..
Based on 3 reviews.
Pina Colada Face & Body Lotion Scrub
Pina Colada Face & Body Scrub that uses Cane Sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells and turns into a..
Based on 1 reviews.