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 Gift Set / Body Butter / Lip Scrub / Pumpkin Latte
3 piece gift set including:  4oz Pumpkin Latte Whipped Body Butter Ingredients: Shea Butter..
Acne Gift Set / Charcoal Face Wash / Black Salve / Acne Soap
Charcoal Facial Gift Set. Naturally detoxifying and super cleansing for acne-prone and oily skin. ..
Acne Gift Set / Scrub / Lotion / Mask
3 piece gift set for acne prone skin. Gift box set includes:  Includes: Zinc & Turmeric..
Acne Gift Set / Tea Tree Moisturizer & Scrub
Tea Tree Moisturizer and Facial Cleanser Gift Box Set. Great for problem skin. Includes: Tea Tre..
Anti-Aging Gift Set / Wrinkle Cream / Cleanser / Toner
Anti-Aging 5 piece Gift Set.  Includes: Green Tea Caffeine Undereye Cream-1oz Cucumber Ros..
Bath Gift Set / Bomb / Face Mask / Bubble Bath Bar
Spa Bath 4 piece gift set.  Includes: 2 Calendula Bubble Bath Bars (approx. 4oz each) Cale..
Bath Gift Set / Bomb / Truffle / Bubble Bath / Melt
3 piece gift set includes: 4oz Buttercream Icing Bubble Bath Ingredients: Cocamidopropyl Betaine..
Bath Gift Set / Bombs / Body Wash / Tub Tea
Luxury Bath 3 piece gift set.  Includes: Honey Oat Body Wash-8oz Stress Relief Bath Tea-1 ..
Bath Gift Set / Tinted Lipbalm / Face Mask / Tub Tea / Bombs
Spa Bath Gift Set. Natural ingredients. Scent choices below. Includes: 2oz Quinoa Rose Face Mask ..
Beard Oil & Mustache Wax Gift Box Set
3 piece Beard Oil and Mustache Wax Gift Box Set for promoting stronger hair growth and keeping hairs..
Body Butter /  Lip Balm / Gift Box Set
Body Butter and Lip Balm Gift Box Set. Includes: Body Butter-4oz Lip Balm-4.25gr Gift Box topp..
Body Glitter Gift Set / Body Powder / Perfume / Shimmer
Body Glitter Gift Set. Scented with pure Essential Oils. No Fragrance Oils added. Includes: 4oz ..
Chocolate Lovers Gift Box Set / Hair / Face Mask / Lip Balm / Scrub
This 4 piece gift set includes: 4oz Cocoa Banana Hair Mask 2oz Cocoa Cupcake Face Mask Chocolate ..
Coffee / Tea Lovers Gift Box Set / Face Mask / Lotion / Perfume / Bath Salt Soak
4 piece Gift Set includes: 10ml Mountain Java Perfume Oil 8oz Earl Grey Face & Body Lotion 2o..
Edible Massage Oil / Love Balm Gift Set
Edible Massage Oil and Massage Balm Gift Box Set. Includes: Edible Massage Balm-2oz Warmin..